Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sleuth - IS VoyagerRC

Sleuth is a work in progress, like anything else. But as it stands now, it is wired to send commands to the SWCAN bus... assuming you're using a SWCAN modified adapter. If you don't have one, I sell them for $100 each but with no warranty because they are for testing only. I use them with no problem on my car.

The third button you will see on the screenshot below is a "wake up". It actually wakes up the network using some advanced signaling that I built into my latest SWCAN adapter. That means it is able to wake up the car network and send commands, regardless of whether the car is on/off or in between :)


  1. I have compiled this app and every time I launch the app, it says "Sleuth has stopped." Is this ICS compatible?

  2. Hello anonymous. You'll have to connect the ADB (Android debugging bridge) OR use a log collector app to review the system log after the crash. The details of the crash would be saved to that log file. If you like, send (email to linuxbrad) the log to me and I can try to help.

  3. I have sent you an email with my log file.