Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writers Block

I have a bit of writers block - any suggestions for what code to write next? :)

I've been committing gobs of code to the libvoyager project so anybody who's interested, check it out! I just added some code to support a new protocol called SVIP - Simple Vehicle Interface Protocol. It will bridge carputer style apps, to their user, anywhere in the world!

LinkSend your suggestions in email or as a comment to this post! I hope to spend lots of time this weekend converting coffee into code ;-)



  1. Your code looks awesome! I was thinking that I could recreate what you did on the Blackberry but never did get around to it and have finally bought an Android phone instead. Time to delve into the world of GMLAN and single wire CAN. Would it also be possible to get a copy of your VoyagerRC software as it would help me a lot :)

  2. Hey Andrew! Glad to see you're lurking around these neck of the woods :) Thanks for liking the code!

    To modify a regular CAN adapter alls you have to do is replace the CAN transceiver with a SWCAN transceiver and add the necessary circuitry (as shown in the datasheet for the 8056 SWCAN transceiver chip). I have two already-modified adapters for sale $100 each, I could give you a little discount if you are interested.

    VoyagerRC... All that code got rolled up into libVoyager. The Sleuth app (available on GifHub) demonstrates the use of the remote control stuff that RC used to do, but now we do it using libVoyager.

    I'll upload a screenshot of Sleuth in a minute so you can see what it looks like at the moment. You will be able to see that you can add any number of buttons or adjustments as you like.

    Please push any and all enhancements to libvoyager back to github =)

  3. I have got Sleuth compiled and running on my new Android phone too. I'm just hoping I can hack something together with the existing CAN chip in the dongle or a decent price from DigiKey, if not I might just buy one of yours :)

  4. I am interested in test your application Sleuth.

    However, I have problems to compile it. I created the "libvoyager" project (as library). I created the Sleuth project, linked the library on the preferences option. But I can see a "libvoyager_src" in the Sleuth project that I do not know what it is...

    Can you help me?

    Thank you so much!

  5. Greetings, fellow CAN hacker :)

    Well first off, great work getting the project downloaded and into Eclipse. You're on the right track by linking the source folder. Eclipse is quirky in that way in that you have to link the source folder even though you also have to list libvoyager as a library project.

    So let's start with a checklilst to cover the simple things first:
    - Make sure you have libvoyager loaded into eclipse, and that the "library project" checkbox is enabled on it.
    - In the Sleuth project properties, under libraries, make sure that the libvoyager project is listed and selected. This should create the source folder link.

    Let me know how that works (by email).