Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Bluetooth Single-wire CAN adapters!

Over the past week I built and tested two more Bluetooth single-wire CAN OBD adapters. These are the little blue ones from DealExtreme that, out of the box, work with everything except the GM single-wire network. This network is special for a few reasons:

1. Command and comfort - the network controls everything from the heated seats to the remote starter. 2. Many devices ("nodes") are present on this network and communicate interesting metrics to each other (which can be viewed relatively easily). 3. You can not only view data on the network, but you can send to the network. Using tools like libVoyager, developers can design software that executes commands (lock doors, unlock doors, engage the factory remote starter, turn on/off the heated seats, etc). So with a little imagination you can see why they are so popular.

What these adaptors do not do: 1. No OBD. They can't be used with your favorite OBD software... Not yet at least. 2. You shouldn't leave it plugged in while driving since they are still just prototypes, which means they could have bugs. 3. there is little or no software that utilizes the adapters yet. You basically have to be a developer that's doing your own testing. The adapter will get you connected with the Single-wire network but it's up to you how you harness that power :)

Sleuth (Android SWCAN App) is available on GitHub (open source) and currently has lock and unlock buttons as an example of how to use libVoyager. So if you're and Android programmer, that's where you may want to get started.

So if you want one for your own testing (remember no software really supports them yet), please contact me at, GTOSoft @


  1. Brad - I was looking at the Sleuth code the other day. And I am not sure if you mask the priority bits, but when looking at your ARBIDs vs what I see in my Pontiac G8, they match with different priorities. Not that I have some time again, I'll get back to it eh?!

  2. Hey T. You hit the nail on the head. When I wrote the code I was not aware of the CAN ID breakdown. As I learned more about CAN I realized that there can be some variance (Priority, source ID)... So long story short, that's a part of the code that needs to be updated, which shouldn't be too tough, but it's on a very long list.

    I went open-source so that people would work with me and we could build it together.

  3. Do you have a copy of the Sleuth apk for download anywhere?

  4. I do not. I don't currently have an Android development environment set up to compile it. However it is open source ( so anybody can download and compile it.